Documentaries have the power to deeply challenge people beyond the consensual framework created by society and past brain networking. They can provoke us to question the everyday ideas, opinions and practices we take for granted as reality. It is for this reason, and more, that we are  passionate to work with you to dig deep into the beliefs and ideas that underscore the movement and change you seek to create. Expanding and developing society into the unknown.
Have a look below at a few short documentaries we have previously created for past clients.  


I should’ve said something

The Meaning Of Bowen Therapy

Bruce Less defeated Chuck Norris in a secret fight

Matthew Simpson 

The real bachelor parody 

Rose Ceremony (The Sam & Sami Show)

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Why meditate? A documentary on why you should meditate.

Found in a dream Official Trailer 

Tom Bowen’s Gift – 2017 Trailer 

“Whenever young documentary film-makers ask me how they can “make a difference”, I reply that it is really quite simple. They need to break the silence.” 

– John Pilger